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Gia Vị Cuộc Sống - 25/25 Tâp USLT

Author: Anya at 14-08-2017, 15:48

Gia Vị Cuộc Sống - 25/25 Tâp USLT

Title: 味想天開
English title: Recipes to Live By
Genre: Comedy, Food, Historical
Episodes: 25
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: Jan 2, 2017 to Feb 3, 2017

Born with a golden tongue and able to distinguish between good and bad dishes from one bite, Ding Yat San is upset that his adoptive father Ding Yat has forbidden him from being a chef. When he hears about a cooking contest in Yangzhou, he asks Shek Yau to disguise as a man and substitute for him in the competition. As a result, he wins the admiration of famous chef Koi Siu Tin. Ding Yat San and Koi Siu Tin work together to create new dishes, which helps Koi Siu Tin win the Golden Lotus Flower, culinary's highest honour, many times in a row. As they become famous, they meet new friends who are also interested in food, like the daughter of a wealthy family Tung Ming Ming and a famous female chef Dai Ng Yuen. Tung Ming Ming has a crush on Ding Yat San, while Ding Yat San admires Shek Yau, but Shek Yau likes Koi Siu Tin, causing Ding Yat San to decide to break with Koi Siu Tinand work on his own. But things turn out differently from what he planned. Ding Yat San is framed by Shek Yau and loses his golden tongue abilities. Later, he is revealed to be the descendant of a formerly famous chef. Ding Yat San vows to clear his father's name, even if he has to pay the price of being deserted by everyone.

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ĐƠN VỊ KHẨN CẤP (2016) HDTV 720P - 22/22 TẬP - USLT

Author: Anya at 14-08-2017, 15:46

ĐƠN VỊ KHẨN CẤP (2016) HDTV 720P - 22/22 TẬP - USLT

Title: EU 超時任務
English Title: Over run Over
Genre: Action, Modern
Episodes: 22
Broadcast Period: March 21, 2016 - April 10, 2016

While on patrol duty, EU sergeant Ling San Fung and her team are called to assist a criminal chase. A gun battle erupts and San Fung loses her father, who dies from a stray bullet to the head. San Fung continues the pursuit, but a strange natural phenomena suddenly turn her away, taking her back to April 1st-three days prior to the incident. Realising that she has developed the power to time-travel, she uses her new ability to save her father's life. Unfortunately, her disruption to the timeline causes a chain reaction, with unsettling consequences. Village chief "Ditch", an informant for the ICAC, discovers San Fung's special ability and uses it to investigate corrupted cops, but harbours a secret that bears his true identity. Meanwhile, San Fung discovers that she is not the only person who has developed the ability to travel through time. She learns that her power to change the past does not make her able to control the future.

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CHÚ CHÓ NGHIỆP VỤ (2016) HDTV 720P - 20/20 TẬP - USLT

Author: Anya at 14-08-2017, 15:46


CHÚ CHÓ NGHIỆP VỤ (2016) HDTV 720P - 20/20 TẬP - USLT

Title: 警犬巴打
English Title: K9 Cop
Genre: Comedy, Modern
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Network: TVB
Broadcast Period: February 9, 2016 - February 28, 2016

CID officer Lai Yat-tsau (Bosco Wong) parents died early, leaving him to take care of his three younger sisters. First younger sister Lai Suk-chu (Kayi Cheung) is a kindergarten teacher who is kind but gullible. Middle younger sister Jil Lai Suk-si (Tracy Chu) is a luxury brand salesperson. She is immature and money hungry. She originally dated Yat-tsau's partner Fai Chung-lim (Raymond Wong) because he is a rich restaurant heir, but after years of dating she really fell-in-love with him and wants him to quit the police force because of the dangers that comes with the job, also for him to return to being a rich heir. Youngest sister Fanny Lai Suk-fan (Angel Chiang) is rude and lazy, who refuses to find a job. She is also the only one in the family that is married. Her husband Ma Chi-chung (Oscar Leung) works at the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, but his attitude is very similar to his wife and often mooches off of his in-laws.

Lai Yat-tsau is a reckless cop who does major damages to the streets of Hong Kong when he is chasing crooks. His recklessness drags his partner Chung-lim down with him. Together the pair are nicknamed "Faw Sui" Sir (which means "Kerosene" in Chinese) and "Fai Chia" Sir (which means "Firewood" in Chinese) because the two are tend to start a fire. When Yat-tsau's former informant Lui Kam-bo (Jerry Ku) seeks his protection from his recently released older twin brother Lui Kam-dong (Jerry Ku), that Kam-bo had helped Yat-tsau put in prison. Yat-tsau trails Kam-dong's every move to make sure he doesn't kill Kam-bo. During a drug bust between Kam-dong and his former gang, Yat-tsau gets attacked by the gangs guard dog named Bah-da (Hong Kong saying of the English word "Brother").

While recovering from a dog bite in the hospital his meets Ma Chi-ho (Linda Chung), who is more concern for Bah-da then Yat-tsau's injuries. Chi-ho's political correctness and bluntness ends up offending Yat-tsau which leads to the two becoming enemies. Ma Chi-ho is a veterinarian for the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. Her love for animals overshadows her consideration for others and her blunt know it all attitude offends people she speaks to. Due to her love for dogs she became estrange with her mother Madam Chung, who is also Yat-tsau's new supervisor, when her mother had her police dog euthanized. Her younger brother who also happens to coincidentally be Yat-tsau's brother-in-law Chi-chung works alongside her, but he too can't stand her because she made him feel stupid when they where growing up.

To prevent Bah-da from being euthanized, Chi-ho must find a reason proving he is not a dangerous dog. When Bah-da sniff out an Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department employee with drugs on him, Chi-ho realizes that Bah-da knows how to detect illegal substances and recommends that Bah-da be train as a police dog. Madam Chung also forces Yat-tsau's to transfer to the Police Dog Unit so that he can learn some disciplinary.

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Chí Mạng Phục Thù - 28/28 Tâp USLT

Author: Anya at 14-08-2017, 15:45

Chí Mạng Phục Thù - 28/28 Tâp USLT

Genre: Modern, Thriller
Producer: Lam Chi Wah
Filming Location: Hong Kong

Roger Kwok
Joey Meng
Kenny Wong
Vincent Wong
Rebecca Zhu

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Cạm Bẫy Thương Trường - Provocateur - TVB 2017 (25/25 tập) Lồng tiếng

Author: Anya at 14-08-2017, 15:34

Cạm Bẫy Thương Trường - Provocateur - TVB 2017 (25/25 tập) Lồng tiếng

Tên tiếng Việt: Cạm bẫy thương trường
Tên tiếng Anh: Provocateur
Tên tiếng Trung: 與諜同謀
Số tập: 25
Giám chế: Hoàng Vĩ Thanh
Diễn viên và tên nhân vật:
La Gia Lương- vai Trác Quân Lâm
Trịnh Tuấn Hoằng - vai Phan Thiếu Kiệt
Lý Giai Tâm - vai Trần Hy Văn
Huỳnh Tâm Dĩnh - vai Trác Mẫn Lê
Thang Lạc Văn - vai Trâu Bội Du
Trương Dĩnh Khang- vai Lăng Tấn
Hồ Nặc Ngôn - vai Lâm Tín Huy
Lại Úy Linh - vai Đỗ Chí Nhân
Tào Vĩnh Liêm - vai Khang Dật Phong
La Lạc Lâm - vai Lục Nhất Phàm
Lý Thành Xương - vai Tiền Vĩnh Đường
Mã Dự Hiên- vai Khang Tử Lạc
Xa Uyển Uyển - vai Lo-la
Lý Nhật Thăng - vai Ôn Triệu Thông
Trương Danh Nhã - vai Đới Như Bảo
Nội Dung:
Bộ phim "Cạm bẫy thương trường" với sự trở lại của La Gia Lương hứa hẹn sẽ là tác phẩm đáng mong đợi trong tháng 3 này. Thương trường không phải là đề tài lạ nhưng bằng cách tập trung khai thác về các thủ đoạn của gián điệp thương nghiệp, bộ phim sẽ có nhiều tình tiết hấp dẫn và đem đến góc nhìn mới mẻ về mối quan hệ giữa tình người và ma lực đồng tiền.

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Author: Anya at 14-08-2017, 15:32


Title: 城寨英雄
English title: A Fist Within Four Walls
Genre: Period drama, Martial arts, Action
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: Aug 1, 2016 to Aug 28, 2016

The drama depicts the lives of kung fu masters living in the triad-ridden Kowloon Walled City between 1945 and 1959. The plot revolves around Chor Ngau-kuen, a mysterious coolie who returns to the walled city after a ten-year absence. Bearing the grief of losing his family, Chor Au-kuen returns to the Kowloon Walled City in hopes of finding his long lost sister, only to find that the very place he grew up in has become a lawless no man's land. Concealing his real identity as a Bajiquan master, Au-kuen creates a new identity and gets acquainted with the feisty and sassy Tiu Lan, the lady boss of a hair salon; Duen Ying-fung, a dentist; and But Tak-liu, a water worker. Au-kuen also impresses the highly skilled martial artist Yuk Bo-fung, who owns a store across the street from Tiu Lan's hair salon. To restore law and order in the walled city, Au-kuen unites everyone to form a welfare association to resist the triads. However, this decision causes a clash between him and Bo-fung's son Lung Shing-fu, who is an underground Muay Thai fighter. Just as things are finally getting on course, a key figure in a powerful triad mysteriously dies under the hands of a Bajiquan master. Au-kuen and Tiu Lan investigate, and their investigation leads them to Fa Man, the leader of a stripping dance troupe. But one discovery leads to another, and Au-kuen finds himself uncovering the truth behind his father's death. The burden behind his family's mystery may have been lifted, but not all is well. Au-kuen still carries one more painful memory that he's unable to let go-that the one he trusts the most is actually a member of a gang of ruthless assassins.

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Anh Chàng Lưu Vong - 17/17 Tâp USLT

Author: Anya at 14-08-2017, 15:29

Anh Chàng Lưu Vong - 17/17 Tâp USLT

Genre: Comedy, Pre modern, Romance
Directors: Línzi xīn & Qián yǐng zhī

Kenneth Ma
Niki Chow
Mandy Wong
Benjamin Yuen
Koo Ming Wah
Brian Tse
Luk Wing Kuen (6 Wing)
Harriet Yeung
Tracy Chu

Category: SERIES TQ, HongKong,DaiLoan, Uslt

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