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Bếp Lửa Gia Đình (2011) - 160/160 Tập - USLT

Author: Admin at 13-11-2016, 04:45

Bếp Lửa Gia Đình (2011) - 160/160 Tập - USLT

Title: 誰家灶頭無煙火 / 谁家灶头无烟火
English title: Be Home For Dinner
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 160
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-21 to 2011-Oct-28

- Chung Kwok-Chu (Elliot Ngok) is a renowned food critic and an assistant editor-in-chief of a newspaper, Ko Jim Daily. When his son, Si-Hon (Jason Chan) returns from Canada, Chu is disappointed to find that Si Hon intends to become a chef rather than taking up a professional career. His attempts to guide his son away are thwarted when Shum Bui-yee (Kristal Tin), a well-known and respected chef, reluctantly accepts Si-Hon as her assistant.
- At the Chung household, Chu has to face his bickering younger brother Kwok-Tung (Stephen Au) and Si-Hon's aunt, Suen Ma-lei (Yvonne Lam), his second wife Bo Kwai Sum (Helena Ma) who worries that she is not doing enough as a stepmother, and how children, half-siblings Si-Hon and Si-Na (Katy Kung) do not understand fine foods as he does. As members of his family manage to find a way to get along, Chu and his family find that friends and co-workers changing their family dynamic again.

45th TVB Anniversary Awards 2011
Nominated: Best Drama
Nominated: Best Actor (Stephen Au)
Nominated: Best Actress (Kristal Tin)
Nominated: Best Supporting Actor (Matt Yeung)
Nominated: Best Supporting Actress (Yvonne Lam)
Nominated: My Favourite Male Character (Stephen Au)
Nominated: My Favourite Male Character (Jason Chan)
Nominated: My Favourite Female Character (Kristal Tin)
Nominated: Most Improved Male Artiste (Jason Chan)
Nominated: Most Improved Male Artiste (Matt Yeung)
Nominated: Most Improved Female Artiste (Katy Kung)

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Nhiều Tính Đa Tình - 20/20 Tâp USLT

Author: Admin at 8-11-2016, 10:03

Nhiều Tính Đa Tình - 20/20 Tâp USLT

Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS

Main Cast
Hyun Bin as Goo Seo Jin / Robin
Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na
Sung Joon as Yoon Tae Joo
Hyeri as Min Woo Jung

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TIỂU QUỶ HỌC TRÒ (2010) HDTV 720P - 16/16 TẬP - USLT

Author: Anya at 24-10-2016, 01:45


TIỂU QUỶ HỌC TRÒ (2010) HDTV 720P - 16/16 TẬP - USLT

Title: 공부의 신
English title: God of Study / Lord of Studying / Master of Study
Genre: School, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: Jan 4, 2010 to Feb 23, 2010

When scrappy and abrasive lawyer Kang Suk Ho is put in charge of the liquidating Byung Moon High School, he sees his own troubled past in the problematic students who live their lives with no dreams. He then offers to teach them and proclaims that he will get the five most laziest students - Hwang Baek Hyun, Gil Pul Ip, Na Hyun Jung, Hong Chan Doo, and Oh Bong Goo - accepted into Cheonha University, the most prestigious college in the country. Everyone - including the teachers, students and the school's director Jang Ma Ri - calls him crazy. Quirky and earnest English teacher Han Soo Jung, who believes that the purpose of education is not about getting into a good college, likewise initially objects to Suk Ho's teaching methods and motivations. But he establishes a special class for the five delinquent students, including Hwang Baek Hyun who bumps heads right away with Suk Ho, to help them prepare for Cheonha University. ~~ Based on the Japanese manga series "Dragon Zakura" by "Norifusa Mita".

Category: Series HQ, Uslt

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