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Author: Anya at Yesterday, 18:38


Title: 來自喵喵星的妳
English title: My Lover from the Planet Meow
Genre: Modern
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: Oct 17, 2016 to Nov 18, 2016

Synopsis:Miu Miu Miu, a native inhabitant of planet Meow, applies to return back to Earth in human form in hope of solving the growing marriage problems of her young master's parents in physicist Garfield Sit Ding Kap and police officer Cat Chiu Yiu.

Ten years ago, Miu Miu Miu once took on the appearance of a cat to be the Sit family's pet and established a close tie with them. Now she's trying her best to stay on Earth and to get close to the family once again. Fortunately, she meets the kindhearted Chinese chiropractor, Ko Kwai, who takes her in. In a mere coincidence, she also joins Garfield Sit's research company. With the advanced scientific knowledge that she acquired on her home planet, Miu Miu Miu becomes one of the top researchers within the company in an instant.

Due to Miu Miu Miu's natural cat-like senses and agility, she accidentally overhears executives Hill Ko Tin Shan and Natasa Nam Ta Sha's secret plot against Garfield Sit. As Miu Miu Miu eagerly tries to protect her master, she slowly falls in love with him, which also hits on the nerve of his wife, Cat Chiu.
Out of nowhere, someone from planet Meow appears on Earth and puts Miu Miu Miu's secret identity at risk.

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Ông Trùm Ngành Luật - 28/28 Tâp USLT

Author: Anya at Yesterday, 18:37


Ông Trùm Ngành Luật - 28/28 Tâp USLT

Title: 律政強人
English title: Law dis-Order
Genre: Modern Drama, Legal, Office Politics
Episodes: 28
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: Sep 19, 2016 to Oct 16, 2016

As the co-founder of the Chinese law firm Donald & Co., Charles Cheuk (Lau Dan 劉丹), has been a chairman of its committee for many years. Though he had promised his managing partner KC Lau (Liu Kai-chi) that he would step down, Charles hires the money-minded lawyer Kent Cheung (Alex Fong) as a new partner for the firm, hoping that he would be able to counterbalance KC's growing obsession for authority.

KC had built up great influence in his years with Donald & Co. His associates include the abled lawyers Duncan Yam (Raymond Cho 曹永廉) and Martha Fong (Mandy Wong 黃智雯). With Patricia Lee (Florence Kwok 郭少芸) and Nick Chau (Matthew Ho 何廣沛) as Kent's only strongsuits, KC assumed he had the upper edge in their game of power.

However, a traffic accident catches KC off guard, and Kent takes advantage of the situation. He gets himself a lucrative offer from Charles, who promotes Kent to senior partner. During this time, Kent re-encounters assistant solicitor Hazel Cheuk (Ali Lee 李佳芯), and they develop a close mentor-student friendship.

Feeling his power ebbing away, KC becomes a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment. But while fighting for control, a toothless tiger comes out from under the radar, ready to seek revenge.

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Thần Đao - God Of Sabre - 9/9 (USLT GOTV Remux)

Author: Anya at 12-01-2017, 04:51


Thần Đao - God Of Sabre - 9/9 (USLT GOTV Remux)

Tên tiếng Việt: Thần Đao
Tên khác: Viên Nguyệt Loan Đao
Tên tiếng Hoa: 刀神
Tên tiếng Anh: The God of Sabre
Nguyên tác: Cổ Long

Số tập : 9

Giám chế: Lý Đỉnh Luân

Diễn viên:

- Lưu Tùng Nhân
- Triệu Nhã Chi
- Hàn Mã Lợi
- Thạch Kiên

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